"Eight years ago I had a surgery that left me scarred and experiencing pain sporadically. When I finally decided to sue the doctor, Mr. Newman was there for me. As the years passed I grew less hopeful that I would ever get to fix the scarring, pain and emotional damage the scarring did to my self esteem as a woman. This past November of 2019, I was having a horrible day while on vacation and then I got a call. It was Mr. Newman telling me he had FINALLY been able to get enough of a settlement that I can go get the damage the doctor had done fixed. I burst into tears on the other end of the phone. I finally got closure!!! There are not enough thank yous I can give this man. He will ALWAYS be the only lawyer I ever recommend to anyone. Feeling beyond grateful for him."
"Mr. Newman is excellent and committed to his work. Mr. Newman communicates effectively both verbally and in written form. Mr. Newman appreciates the business aspects as well as legal outcome of his cases. Mr. Newman represents all the qualities required to succeed in any courtroom."
"Mr. Newman has handled my case very professionally in a personal and caring way. If I ever need a lawyer again Mr. Newman will be my first phone call."
E.G., PERSONAL INJURY LITIGATION CLIENT - New York Diamond Center, Inc., President
"Steve Newman is a fantastic attorney. He has been incredibly helpful through an extraordinarily high conflict matter. He gave me solid advice every step of the way and always does in a professional personal manner. He was well prepared and presented our case in a clear and organized way. Steve Newman has excellent knowledge of labor law. He was prompt returning phone calls and emails. Steve Newman has great communication skills. I had a wonderful experience working with Steve Newman and his firm. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is battling any type of labor or employment issues. Can’t thank you enough Steve. You are a Smoking Gun!”
"Mr Newman proved his professionalism, dedication, and sincerity throughout his preparation. He had proven his knowledge in dealing with my case, explaining with clarity the legal aspects and honestly giving his opinion on how it will work. I highly recommend his services."
"Dear Mr. Newman, it is with much gratitude that I submit these lines in appreciation of your service as my representative during my recent legal case. It was certainly a privilege to be assisted by you and your staff. I really want to thank you all for all you did for me including your perfectly well advising, suggestions, recommendations and negotiations in general. Through your hard effort and commitment we closed my case with the results I was expecting. The experience could not have been better. I would recommend your services to anyone! Please accept my sincere gratitude for all your help. May god bless you all and family always!"
I can’t express how grateful I am to Steve Newman, nor can I not recommend him and his firm to anyone enough! I had an issue with my employer with ongoing harassment & a hostile workplace environment due to a small town government that feels they can do whatever they please to employees that do not understand their rights or have the representation to fight for what is right against their on staff lawyers. (HR is NOT your friend) After I had given my 2 weeks notice after dealing with harassment etc, for months that was ignored, I was threatened to be fired for not signing illegal documents and to “pay back” training that was provided and given to all employees freely. My previous employer even attempted to frame me for damage that had been done months prior and by other employees. If it wasn’t for the intervention of Mr. Newman, his persistence in keeping tabs on my case and stressing the importance of constant documentation while guiding me thru this minefield of unethical behavior, I simply don’t know how well I would have came out otherwise. I preformed my last two weeks exemplary. Collected my last paycheck (and other pay) that they were trying to illegally withhold and walked away with my reputation intact. They knew they were wrong. They knew I had a viable lawsuit and thanks to the involvement of Mr. Newman, they knew he was working diligently on my case and that proper documentation had already been secured in showing their unethical actions. Point blank: they took it and myself seriously. Mr. Newman and his firm aren’t even in my state but I felt completely secure that they had my back. Its the best money I have ever spent in retaining them. They are easy to talk to, explained everything in ways that were easily understood and kept me aware of the next steps and what to expect from my employers (the good and bad). Don’t hesitate to talk with them and get the help that sometimes we all need in dealing with unscrupulous employers. Don’t hesitate to contact them if things are going south for you. The small price you’ll pay to get them onboard and behind you in a bad situation is priceless!”
"In the midst of my emotional and depressed job situation, Mr. Steve Newman and his highly impressive staff were a beacon of hope to myself and my family at a time when our options appeared limited and hopeless. The law language is complicated to understand, the process, the paperwork, etc. Mr. Newman spent quality time guiding me through and was always available for me. With his knowledge with the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board he was able to appeal my case. Steve and his staff were able to negotiate my firing to retirement status. I will now receive my retirement and all the backpay from my agency management who unjustly terminated me after 30 years of service, due to an underlying mental condition that I was unaware of at the time. Our undying gratitude goes to Mr. Newman and his staff for restoring our lives. I highly recommend Attorney Steve Newman.