$850,000 PHYSICIAN'S FAILURE TO REPORT ADVERSE DRUG REACTION New York Supreme Court, New York County  Defendant physician failed to file the hospital's Adverse Drug Reaction form. In that no Adverse Drug Reaction form was filed, plaintiff was prescribed the same drug resulting in plaintiff suffering an adverse drug reaction a second time. Plaintiff's second adverse drug reaction resulted in plaintiff having to be dialyzed three times weekly to treat a permanent chronic acute kidney injury caused by a second injection of the drug that caused an adverse reaction. Case settled by way of mediation.
$420,000 FAILURE TO ORDER PROPER TESTING, WRONGFUL DEATH New York Supreme County, Queens County Plaintiff, suffering severe headaches for days presented to an emergency room. Plaintiff's CAT scan was normal. Plaintiff's differential diagnosis incorrectly diagnosed plaintiff as suffering from a tension headache. Plaintiff was prescribed aspirin. One hour after arriving home plaintiff's husband hearing a thud found plaintiff unconscious on the floor. Plaintiff was transported by ambulance to the same emergency room where plaintiff previously was treated. Plaintiff required intubation and mechanical ventilation. A second CAT scan revealed plaintiff suffering from a subarachnoid hemorrhage causing intraventricular blood and brain swelling. Plaintiff suffered cardiac arrest and died. 

The standard of care was such that the treating health care professional was required to order a spinal tap so as to rule out plaintiff suffering from a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Defendant's failure to order a spinal tap resulted in the case settling by way of mediation. 
$359,000 MEDICAL MALPRACTICE New York Supreme Court, New York County A woman underwent a surgical procedure, esophagogastroduodenocopy, sternotomy, revision of colon interposition with partial colectomy. During this procedure a physician inserted a nasogastric tube into plaintiff’s left nostril taping the nasogastric tube to the left side of plaintiff’s nose.

The nasogastric tube was removed four days after it was taped to plaintiff’s nose. Hospital personnel failed to examine the nasogastric tube during the four days the nasogastric tube was taped to plaintiff’s nose.

The unrelieved pressure of the taped nasogastric tube as it was situated taped to plaintiff’s nose resulted in plaintiff nose tissue dying such that tissue had to be surgically removed. Plaintiff alleged permanent smell and taste loss, permanent breathing problems and scarring. The case settled by way of mediation.
$189,000 FAILURE TO MONITOR New York Supreme Court, Richmond County Pregnant, 50-year-old plaintiff’s due date to give birth was April 3, 2016. Despite being classified as a high-risk patient plaintiff was sent home April 3, 2016 and was instructed to return to the hospital on April 11, 2016.

Plaintiff alleged defendants were negligent in administering prenatal care, failing to monitor, test, and administer medical care on plaintiff’s original due date. Plaintiff alleged the hospital’s negligence resulted in the fetus’ death. Plaintiff, subsequent to her baby’s death sustained severe emotional harm and mental distress. Case settled by way of mediation.
$134,000 NEGLIGENT CARE AND TREATMENT New York Supreme Court, Suffolk County Plaintiff suffered a minor stroke subsequent to having his neck manipulated by a chiropractor.

The case settled by way of mediation. The case settled by way of mediation. In 2014, plaintiff, a male in his late 30s was struck by a truck while driving his vehicle. His shoulder was injured. Due to these injuries plaintiff sought chiropractic treatment. He was treated for the same injuries by the defendant chiropractor for approximately one year. In 2015 plaintiff presented to defendant chiropractor’s office for his regular treatment of his shoulder. The chiropractor treating plaintiff that day was not the chiropractor who regularly treated plaintiff. Inexplicably, the chiropractor manipulated plaintiff’s neck rather than plaintiff’s shoulder.

Plaintiff, a couple hours after his neck was manipulated felt ill and started to feel numbness on the right side of his body. He went to the ER where he was diagnosed as suffering from a minor stroke. Case settled by way of mediation.